New home in wordpress set up!


Alrighty folks. Everything has been xposted and set up.

This will be my new home. Update your blog rolls.

9 Responses to “New home in wordpress set up!”

  1. shhh. Don’t tell cassandraspeaks you are using the same theme she is.

  2. XD

    It’s way too cute of a theme to let go. I might play with the CSS and take out the background star burst thingies though. They’re sort of irritating.

  3. Hrm, the colour scheme is a little hard on the eyes, when it comes to reading. Dark on light looks awful purdy, but it’s rough. (I finally gave into the whining from my readers and went to a lighter theme earlier this year…now they whine because it’s “ugly.” Sigh.)

  4. There’s just no winning. XD I might go in and play with the CSS, balance it out a bit more. But I really like the girl on the side bar. The style represents my blog well.

  5. Oh, I feel you. Like I say, I kept a theme my readers HATED because it was just so, so pretty. But finally several people with visual impairments wrote in and were like “hey, we want to read your blog and we can’t and it is annoying.”

    Maybe try the Themeswitcher plugin (, so whiners like me can just switch to a different theme if we have trouble reading?

  6. I might pick that plugin up. That seems like it would work really well.

  7. Yeah, I really like it. I used it earlier this year when I was having [edited for ableist language ~RP] so people could pick and choose between several themes, and people seemed to appreciate the options.

  8. Uhm, woah, that was an incredibly ableist thing of me to say. Fail. Sorry about that. I should have said “I used it earlier this year when I could not decide on a theme to use so people could…”

  9. Thank you for the correction.

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