“But He’s An Artist!” And Other Fucked Shit Apologists Say


Addendum: Replaced the ableist word stupid with fucked in the title.

Oh look, another post about Roman Polanski.


Rape apologists are sort of like the really out-of-touch-with-reality conspiracy theorists. Only, they go in the opposite direction. Instead of making up ridiculous bullshit, stringing together barely coherent arguments based on a complete and utter disavowal of reality and responding to any logical response with dodging and fallacies all to make a certain group or a person look like they did something awful…

…they do all of that idiotic [edited for ableist language ~RP] fuckstupid shit in order to make a certain group or a person look like they didn’t do something awful.

Let’s get something straight before we start this shit up. Rape/sexual assault is any sexual activity that is not consensual. Legally there might be more stringent definitions for rape itself but sexual assault legally fits the same zones as its conceptual definition too. Just to be clear, I will be discussing the conceptual stuff. (Of course, what Polanski did was also legally rape but shit I am getting ahead of myself, backing up) Now, a lack of consent is pretty fucking simple. (HINT: It means that a person doesn’t want it to happen, i.e. they did not decide to do this of their own free will.) It does get harder to track consent in instances where people feel coerced, manipulated or are drugged, which usually just means it’s a better idea not to have sex with someone who you are coercing, manipulating or drugging. Best way to avoid this is to ask if the other person is okay, wants it and make sure they know they can stop at any time they need to. IF the person does not want it and IF you do it anyways, even if you are not aware that they didn’t want it, you have raped them. That’s right, unintentional rape is very possible. Unintentional rape is still pretty fucked up because you just seriously emotionally harmed someone and really, you do have a responsibility to check when the risks are that high. Of course, if you do ask (or you don’t ask but the person speaks up anyways) and the person in question says “no”, “please no”, “stop”, “I don’t want this”, or any other variation on the theme of “DON’T TOUCH ME, YOU MOTHERFUCKING DOUCHEBAG” then that is a pretty goddamn bloody obvious hint that you should stop, you motherfucking douchebag. If you don’t, then you are a rapist and an intentional one too. And that is ten billion times worse than the already fucking horrific unintentional rapist. This obviously excludes cases like surrender of control/rape fantasy simulations wherein things like no and stop are used for the simulation. In those cases, however, you better damn well have a safe word planned out and if that safe word (like Mooseface or Charizard!) is spoken, it counts towards the previous.

There we go. Now you know what rape is. Now, we can all agree that rape is bad (if you disagree with that I suggest you jump into a pool full of horny dolphins doused in dolphin pheromones to do some in field research on how awful rape is). If you rape someone, that is a bad thing. You doing that makes you a bad person. Rape is inexcusable, as it is one of the more severe forms of psychological trauma inducing acts (beyond almost all forms of physical torture and interrogation that don’t include sexual elements).

Here’s the part that everyone seems to have a hard time remembering, the reality that people are disavowing: Roman Polanski Drugged And Raped A Thirteen Year Old Girl.

And let me make it extra easy to read, for you folks out there:

Roman Polanski Drugged And Raped A Thirteen Year Old Girl

Did you get that? Polanski raped someone. That someone was a minor. And this is an obvious case. She said no repeatedly and he continued to do things to her (trigger warning). This is not goddamn rocket science people. No does in fact mean no. If you ignore a no (where there is no surrender of control fantasy with a safeword, and then replace no with the safeword) then you. Are. A. Rapist.

Let’s go over the very simple logic:

She said no.
He didn’t listen.
Ergo he is a rapist.

Not fucking hard right?

Well apparently, it is for the apologist morons [edited for ableist language] wire chewers.

People think it’s not so bad because it isn’t “rape rape”. Because you know, if you say the word twice it makes it less the thing that it actually is. Hi reality, we’re just gonna ignore you now. The sky? It isn’t a sky sky. It’s actually not quite a sky. That rock over there? It’s not a rock rock. It’s a partial rock. An almost rock. Mmmm it’s fun to not have grasp on reality, right?

Some have bitched and moaned about his artist because well, goddammit, he’s such a great artist! I pointed out on twitter that if I’m an amazing artist, who’s really successful and touched a bunch of people’s lives with my art, does that mean I get to light babies on fire and then eat them? Because I mean, really people, how the fuck does someone’s past contributions make them doing something bad any better? Art does not excuse rape. Art doesn’t excuse a lot of things. For instance, this (if it’s even real) is a completely inexcusable, utterly abhorrent thing. I pointed out, that if the Rape Tunnel is real, I’m going to build an artistic doomsday device to express myself artistically by burning off the Earth’s atmosphere in a beautiful display of superheated blue and ultraviolet plasma. Sure every man, woman, nonbinary person and child will die, BUT IT’S ART. YOU CAN’T JUDGE ME FOR MY MASS MURDER OF THE ENTIRETY OF THE BIOSPHERE OF THE PLANET.

Yeah, that’s stupid. Just like thinking good art justifies rape is stupid.

Others, and this really drives me up the fucking wall, others like to claim that she clearly couldn’t be raped because her mom put her in that situation. Um, excuse me, fuckstupid douchenozzles, but if I take you and drop you into a pool of horny dolphins, you are still quite raped. And seriously, the fact that she’s a minor is not the only element of this case, you fucking asshats. It doesn’t matter if she looked 16 or 3,000. She still said NO. Ergo, it is still rape.

And honestly? If his trial had problems, that sucks. But it doesn’t change the fact that she did in fact say no and he did in fact admit to raping her.

That’s right, Roman Polanski knowingly and intentionally raped a 13 year old. His art does not change this. The trial’s issues do not change this. His fame does not change this. His or your views on whether it was “rape rape” or “rape rape rape rapeity rape” does not change this. His age does not change this. His nationality does not change this. And the obstinate stupidity of the apologists clinging to a delusional false reality in order to avoid him being brought to justice DOES. NOT. CHANGE. THIS.

Roman Polanski is a rapist and not only that but he raped a young girl.

And if you support him here, you say to me that you are a-okay with child rape. Think about that for a little bit.

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Expansion on the concept of liberal sexism and liberal rape apologism here

19 Responses to ““But He’s An Artist!” And Other Fucked Shit Apologists Say”

  1. 1 javier

    hi (re/ above)
    …i’m an ftm, i saw *this* on bilerico by ANOTHER ftm, a person who has had a daughter(physically) before transition.
    (that is so wierd, that a parent could take that stand.)

    also yasmin nair a woman of colour who i would think would be standing away from patriarchical views defends polanski, seemingly.
    wow is the world turned upside down?

  2. When someone people like turns out to be a rapist a bunch of people renege on views they’ve had their entire lifetime to become rape apologists just that once.

    You normally see it in a small scale when a small group of friends turns on the victim and side with the rapist because they don’t want to believe something that bad could come from someone they adore.

    In this case, Polanski is adored by a huge chunk of people. So this crazy rape apologist bullshit is appearing widespread, in normally very rational people.

  3. You’re absolutely right about Polanski being given even more sympathy than your run-of-mill “she wanted it too” child rapist because of his celebrity. The rape apologism that has come out of Hollywood and otherwise (supposedly) liberal, progressive, feminist mouths has been shocking, and sickening. Messing with people’s world views or knocking their heroes off their pedestals makes them very defensive, apparently.

    I’m also interested in how the victim’s mother, who wasn’t even there, is being implicitly blamed, too. If in doubt, blame the mother! Sigh.

    Thanks for the link, and the discussion.

  4. 4 javier

    can you say”woody allen”

  5. Auuuuugh. Woody Allen is pretty bad by himself…

  6. Yeah the mother blaming slips into the realm of pretty serious delusion too. Clearly she used mind control to make Polanski rape her daughter. Clearly.

  7. 7 Iyapo

    Hi. I was the commenter over at Bilerico that initially protested the rape apologism and general shittiness going on in Brynn Craffey’s piece. I wanted to thank you for continuing to refute his ignorant claims about the case and your eloquent words explaining the dynamics of sexual assault.

    As someone working in the Sexual Assault field and because I am dealing with a sexual assault within my family right now his post hit close to home for me so I was having trouble being very articulate.

    Anyhow, great post. I look forward to following your blog now :)

  8. One of the interesting things, to me, about the rape apologism going on with the Polanski case, is that there is evidence that not only did he rape a 13 year old girl, but he also sexually assaulted and was sexually aggressive with many other young women in Hollywood.

    So, it’s not like he did it the one time. It was a routine thing. For some reason, that makes the liberals falling all over themselves to excuse him extra disgusting to me.

  9. Wow, I wasn’t even aware that he had possibly done this to other young women in Hollywood.

    This clusterfuck just gets worse and worse.

  10. I gave Mr. Craffey a piece of my mind. Given his “I will have no more to say on this matter” bullshit and Billerico’s roughshod treatment of trans woman, people of color, and others outside the wealthy-white-male demographic in the past, I don’t think my comment will be published, but I had to say something.

  11. They’ve published mine so far so hopefully you get through.

  12. Oh yeah, he had a “relationship” with Nastassja Kinski when she was only 15. And that’s a well documented case that comes to mind, I know there were others. Truly, truly, truly nasty.

  13. 13 javier

    wow great comment on bilerico!
    BC is ftm like me, and i’m REALLY bummed that he is taking this stance…
    and so few GLB people seem to give a flying fuck about this issue, it’s like, where are the LESBIAN feminists?

    bilerico has NO posts up on this issue,women or no.
    (except THAT one)
    at least trans people aren’t all taking BC’s stance,
    i’m for sure not.but, pam’s HB has nothing…i mean,what the fuck?
    i guess women are of minor importance in the gay community,
    it’s really sad.but no great suprise.
    but,i’m not even cis…jesus.

    at least the cis feminists are out in force, and transwomen alittle bit,but glb…pisses me the fuck off.anyway,here is a great feminist link for you.(below)
    YOU should be posting feminist posts on bilerico.
    any chance of seeing you there?
    it would make it FAR more “multicultural” to see some actual ass kicking women there.they are suppoedely always looking for columnists.
    i suggested this to suzan of women born transexual, and batty batty bats the genderqueer goth(love him)they said they are interested. be nice to see some REAL diversity there…


  14. I’m not sure how much time I’d be able to devote to writing for Bilerico. I already do semi regular guest posts at Transadvocate and occasional guest posts at a few cis feminist blogs to put a trans perspective in there.

    I’m actually way behind on writing a requested guest post for Fugivitus.

    I’ll look into the possibility of being a writer there, but I can’t make any promises, okay?

  15. 15 javier

    that’s cool.
    it’s up to you…
    i’d personally like to see more actual diversity(like women born T who AREN’t bigots, genderqueer people like Batty, feminists who actually write about what is GOING ON in feminist space in the web…)
    but that is just me…

    the diversity there(TBP) seems less then totally representitive
    of actual queer culture, you know?
    so i’m an idealist,lol.

    also, those who are much more well spoken then i am
    are some of the people i always like to see represent my lgbtq community, i guess!
    meantime,i’ll check out your postings on transadvocate.
    good luck.

  16. 16 javier

    i posted this quote/comment on the polanski thread at bilerico, i felt it was apropos.

    Polanski, in his own words in 1979:
    “If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f–ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f– young girls. Juries want to f– young girls. Everyone wants to f– young girls”


  17. I’m sure people will find a way to ignore it or spin it. Prolly claim he’s just a tortured artist and needs help.

  18. 18 d

    I too came from the Bilerico post by Brynn Craffey and want to register my thanks for keeping the thread sane. It was really very disappointing seeing rape apologism appear there under the guise of all sorts of nobler aims.


  19. I’m late commenting, but I’m going to steal “fuckstupid” from you as a synonym for “idiotic”…it is the most satisfying one that I have found. :)

    I love what you said about the “sky-sky” and the “rock-rock”…really makes it all the more obvious how dumb the “rape-rape” shit actually is…

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