Surprise! Bilericofail strikes again (and again, and again…) *updated*


MORE update! Turns out that Bil never really learned the meaning of too little, too late. Seriously? It took massive fisking and your own contributors threatening to leave for you to realize that trans hate language wasn’t okay? Really? It took your fauxpology being rejected blogosphere-wide? I really can’t see much sincerity here. It looks like you’re covering your ass. That’s it. That’s all it looks like to me.


Update at the bottom. It would be at the top, except that it doesn’t change anything and is merely more fail piled on top of the old. A fail tower, if you will.


Normally the latin phrase Ad nauseam is used to describe an argument that is repeated over and over until one becomes nauseous of it. But it can also be used to describe something that happens just as ridiculously much. Often it’s a fallacy phrase, used to describe the logical fallacy of thinking that repeating the same stupid shit over and over somehow makes it true.

Oh don’t worry, all of the above applies to (The post was finally removed, if you are masochistic and want to read a transcript pdf, there’s one here at Pam’s House Blend) this useless cisfail bullshit.

Ad nauseam describes the fact that these fucking failures think repeating this same, oft disproven, easily crushed and refuted nonsense will somehow make it true. Eventually. (Not even touching the strawman fallacies, begging the question fallacies and other fails involved, which are immense). It also describes Bilerico itself, as in “this transphobic bullshit happens so much, I’m nauseous due to simply its frequency alone.” Cisfail transphobia ad nauseam is Bilerico in a nutshell. Yes they have some trans people on staff and some contributors. Much like an oceanic minefield has a few safe spots where your boat won’t become a violent fireworks display. This doesn’t do much to change the fact that your fucking ocean is full of mines. Ahem, an ocean full of cissexist transphobes are not canceled out by a few trans folk fighting the tide with a few spoons. Fuck, I feel the worst for them, because they’re on a site that doesn’t give a shit to such a huge degree that it will allow garbage like this to be posted up while having trans folk on staff. It’s akin to being a feminist in a workplace with a boss who puts up sexual pictures of women being beaten. Boy oh boy, that’s a great boss right?

Wait, it gets better. Cuz you see, when you complain to him, he waffles on it and understates it. “Okay, I’m aware that this may be an issue. We’re thinking about it.” BECAUSE YOU KNOW, IT MIGHT BE AN ISSUE TO HAVE HATE SPEECH ON A GLBT SITE. MAYBE. SORTA. KIND OF. A BIT? Hey Bil, maybe I’m being unfair. I mean, it isn’t like there’s this expectation by the community (which should be GLBT instead of GL….b….. [t????]) that hate speech won’t be present on a site that acts as a spokesperson and newsite for the community, right? Oh… oops. I guess there is.

But you see, it isn’t just trans issues. Failerico (Yes, we’re calling it that now. Credit to La Sabre) is a plethora of flavors of fail. Like Brynn’s wonderful little spurt of Polanski favoring rape apologism. This was back in September (09, for when next September comes by) by the way and it’s still up there. Yep, that’s right, Failerico not only glibly allows trans hatred past the filters, it also is a-okay with rape apologism (provided the rapist is a well known celebrity of a liberal slant). I can safely bet you that other marginalized groups have felt the fail of Failerico

So one really has to wonder, is the Editorial Staff drunk off their asses over there? Are they high? Or is that site just such a goddamn festering cesspool of failure when it comes to actually handling intersection that doesn’t directly impact cis gay folks that they literally could not conceive of how putting this article up would be a problem? Or hell, maybe they just don’t read anything that goes up on the site and spend all day playing flash internet games. It’s a mystery to me.

I’m not going to bother actually fisking the post itself. It’s the most colossal failure of a strawman fallacy I have ever seen, the ages old “OMG WY R U CHAINGING UR BODEE WHEN U CUD JUST BE FEMMY/BUTCH/GAY AS A MAN/WOOMAN (as the case may be)”. This is not new shit folks. This strawman has been guarding the cornfields of Cisfailtopia for centuries, keeping the ravens of logic and rational thought as far away as possible. If you have even the slightest level of knowledge regarding trans folk (from actual trans folk) and you aren’t a willfully ignorant piece of shit, you’ll notice that it isn’t about being feminine, or “gendered personalities” or even better, “omg I dun wanna be gay!” (you’ll also notice that many of us transitioned into gayness). In fact, you’ll notice that the entirety of that internet shitstain of a post (and much of the transphobic garbage of slightly less obvious caliber that has made an appearance on Bilerico time and time again) is entirely nonsense, has nothing to do with the whys of transition or the whys of dissonance and dysphoria (even ignores those two things) and just really is the same old same old same old same old shit.

Ad nauseam. Phrase of the day.

Stay classy, Failerico. It isn’t like the cisGLB community as a whole is going to stop you anyways.


Oh look a fauxpology from Bil himself wherein he tells us how good Ron’s intentions were, that this was his fault (sorta kinda, not really thought because Bilerico is about challenging people, apparently), and that this isn’t a safe space (even though many anti gay things haven’t made it through the ed staff).

For fucking serious, this reeks of cis privilege. “You people can handle it, we’re challenging you!” No. You’re not. This is the same old same old shit. Every trans person and their mother has seen this bullshit spout out of the mouths of bigots. This is not new, this is not edgy, this is run of the mill. Mediocre.

Here’s my cross posted comment response (because why write two separate things?):

You think that you’re being edgy and challenging. You are wrong, Bil. This is not challenging. This is not edgy. Even moreso, this is not new. This is the same old tired shit that is said by the same old tired bigots. These are arguments that were refuted in the stone age, ten thousand times on nearly every trans blog in existence. They are the ultimate old school classic crap strawman argument directed at trans folk.

What you allowed through from Ron Gold is a historical fossil of bigotry. At great cost to us (like Tobi pointed out, a cost that wouldn’t have been repaid by him being convinced to drop his hate or by dialogue) you allowed something through that doesn’t create any new dialogue, that didn’t promote him to drop his hate (judging by his comment responses), that didn’t challenge anyone.

In fact, I imagine the only challenge experienced by anyone out of this situation was the challenge you experienced to spin this in a way that doesn’t look absolutely abhorrent for Bilerico. But that’s the problem. You can’t spin this as discussion. If you knew anything about trans issues, you wouldn’t have green lighted Gold’s post for “challenge” and “discussion” and “discourse” because you would have known that all of this has been dealt with ad nauseam (there’s that word again. It really seems to connect well to this site’s repetition of the same old transphobic tropes) by trans activists in the past and now.

When something is so old, so oft refuted, so same old same old and so horrifyingly common that it’s found its way onto bingo cards and has copy paste responses readied for it then it is not challenging. It is not new. It is not diversity. It is not a discussion starter. There was no discussion. There was copy paste same old same old refutations, because of how ancient and flawed those claims are. But that isn’t discussion. That isn’t a challenge.

So we’ve paid a cost in our well being, for absolutely nothing. Literally, nothing. It isn’t even an unequal trade, we have literally paid the emotional tax to the hate monger you let in for absolutely nothing. It was theft, not a barter. Gold stole my time and the time of others. Gold stole a chunk of my well being and the well being of others. This was no trade. We got nothing in return, not even unequal discourse and challenges.

And you, as the middle man, allowed this to happen. It might be wise to rethink how things work here from now on.

Stay classy Bil. Everyone loves a fauxpology.

50 Responses to “Surprise! Bilericofail strikes again (and again, and again…) *updated*”

  1. I couldn’t get through the comments on that Polanski piece. He actually said the case was nuanced because she “had intercourse twice previously”. What the fuck!! Failerico, you fail. You seriously fail. What would I do in your shoes? Get rid of anyone who writes transphobic bullshit and anyone who write rape apologism. Get rid of them quickly, pull down the articles pronto, and apologise.

  2. I spent a lot of time in the comments taking people apart. It was the most disgusting article I had seen in a while in terms of apologism.

  3. yeh. I could (possibly) have understood some fail if it were challenging something new, but for fucks sake it’s like this guy just grabbed a TERF post and reworded it slightly with a concern troll twist. Fuck TBP, I’m done with them totally. It’s been over a year since they were brought to my attention through another transFail, and they haven’t bothered to read or learn anything. At all.

  4. Ah, yet another discussion that I am unable to form an opinion on. I am relatively new to this(Transsexual issues) so I have not seen this kind of argument dozens of times and I cannot blame the old geezer for his thoughts as they are better than we are going to get from the vast majority of people.

    I suppose I think we should be happy that the site is making an attempt, despite very strong bias, to reach out and build a bridge to us. I cannot be mad at someone who is trying, or appears to be trying, to create a sort of middle ground we can all meet at, but it is ghastly that we have not evolved past this disgust for the LGBT community.

    In other words, I shall say what they did NOT say: I don’t know.

  5. 5 Someone Lost

    Try to breathe, don’t overstress. I know what they did was hurtful, ignorant, hateful. But it isn’t worth your health. Just try to breathe and out-argue the idiots, screaming at them only hurts you, they don’t listen to screams. Out-think them, out-debate them, but NEVER let them beat you by letting them drive you into this much stress, it hurts you.

    Some of us don’t want you hurting, ever. Even those of us left behind.

  6. You and me both. I broke my own refusal to go there (because of continued cisfail and Bil’s triggering use of the Virginia Tech massacre) just because I think it’s vital that rape apologism be stomped on.

  7. This is venting. I’m not overstressed or burning my health. I’m snarking, laughing at the stupidity, at the outright failure because laughing means I won’t cry at how absolutely fucked up this whole thing is and always has been.

    This is me coping.

  8. Good gods, the fucking rape apologism just burned me. Truly disgusting to see that from someone who has kids.

  9. o damn, I must’ve missed the Polanski apologetics there. gah

  10. Yes, I blogged about it the mother-blaming in the Polanski rape apologism that was going on at I Blame The Mother (IBTM is snark by a group of mothers) and went with the Bilerico apologism as the best because his [sic] motherhood was used to justify blaming a mother for her daughter’s rape.

  11. Yeah, I had none of that shit. The mother did not mind control Polanski. He’s not a fucking puppet.

  12. 12 algormortis


    “middle ground we can meet at” is great when it comes to opinions on warm beer, opinions on Macs vs. PCs, opinions on wearing white after Labor Day, etc.

    it does *not* work with peoples’ lives. i have seen this argument too many times, and i can’t talk “middle ground” anymore. it is wrong to erase trans peoples’ rights and lives. we take too much from trans people, especially trans women, on a consistent basis. too often, we take their lives, their families, their jobs, their security, their sanity. this guy isn’t trying to do anything but attack, hurt, and ultimately eliminate trans people. there is no possible good intent from that any more than there’s good intent toward my mixed-race ass at a Klan rally. we need to stop taking…NOW.

    i’ll talk in terms of “middle ground” when it comes to what kind of cheese goes on a burger. there is no “middle ground” in the value of a human on the basis of their inborn traits.

  13. 13 Sas

    The worst part for me about Bil’s follow-up post was that I cannot vomit on him in person.

  14. The Internets really ought to come with that option.

  15. Electronic vom button. We’ll get to work on it.

  16. I read, re-read, and then really read Gold’s crap. I fail to see how anyone can see he wrote that with anything close to “good intentions”. Blaming the problematic nature of the post on “choice of words” is trivializing at best. The later comments (only a few thankfully) that this “discussion” is needed is OMGWTFery at it’s best.

  17. I posted a response to that putrid article and it was apparently not fit to print. A cissexist, transphobic tirade however is perfectly acceptable at the Bilerico project.

    Great blog, btw. Oh, and I am right there with you re: your earlier comment about ADD- it sucks.

  18. yeah, it’s only “choice of words” if you mean, like, pretty much all of them, and the meaning behind them. Other than that it was great. The font was nice, I liked the font.

  19. His latest-he booted Gold and removed the O.P.

  20. The words “too little, too late” and “insincere ass covering” come to mind.

  21. Yeah-I get the strong impression that pretty much he only responds to the bottom line. I suppose it says something that in this case apparently he felt that his bottom line would be more harmed than helped by retaining Gold. It just doesn’t necessarily say anything good about -him.-

  22. Unfortunately, his bottom line is unaffected by the subtle transphobia and cis fail normally on Failerico. So nothing changes and the shit storm continues to brew.

  23. The google cache link is just showing the current page.

    (Well-written response to inane bullcrap.)

  24. Oh, did the google cache page die?

  25. 25 Someone Lost

    *sighs* I know luv. I’ve been on the receiving end of your coping. I think it does you more harm than good sometimes. I still love you and I just worry about your health, even if you pretend I don’t exist I will always worry about you.

    Sometimes a good cry is healthier thanm flipping out over things you can’t control.

    Be well.

  26. Are you done being passive aggressive now? I don’t pretend you don’t exist, I just need time away from you after the shit you pulled.

    Continuing to take shots at me does not help this recovery time.

  27. Pretty much all of it is archived at Pam’s House Blend (fisking and responding)

  28. Got it. I put the pdf up in the a link above so that, if people really want to read this tripe, they can check it out.

  29. Actually Brynn has another fun little moment of fail, and of course, [him (edited for misgendering ~RP)] being a trans man, what fun little t-word do we all get to hear? That’s right:

    Warning, I can get kinda crude at moments too…

  30. I am so fucking tired of Brynn’s bullshit. I really am. He’s a fucking piece of work.

  31. Hon I haven’t taken any shots at you. Not one since my e-mail. I’ve expressed only that I miss you and concern for your well-being. And what you did was worse. Take your recovery time. I’m still going to worry about you. And I forgive you your mistakes. Maybe someday you’ll realize the emotional state I was in and forgive me mine.

    Be well.

  32. Shot 1: “Even those of us left behind.”

    Shot 2: “even if you pretend I don’t exist”

    Shot 3: “And what you did was worse.”

    Shot 4: “And I forgive you your mistakes. Maybe someday you’ll realize the emotional state I was in and forgive me mine.”

    3 and 4 were in the comment you claimed to have not taken any shots at me too, for an extra heaping of irony. I’m getting very very tired of passive aggressive bullshit from someone who couldn’t handle being called out on ableism.

    Since you seem to find it necessary to persist in this, I’ll be marking your comments for my mod queue. Anything that continues down the passive aggressive line will not go through. Talk about the post or life or whatever, just stop the goddamn drama mongering.

  33. Didn’t we leave this BS behind in the 70s? What’s that? We didn’t? Almost everything that sucked about 70s feminism and gay rights movement is still alive and kicking in too many places? Ugh.

  34. I think Ronny-poo’s post needs to be saved and pulled out to underscore why always doing 101 training constantly forever on demand isn’t worth the time and energy to do it.

    In that single comment’s thread how many trans folks and our cis friends explained patiently and kindly what was wrong? What was Ron’s single reply to a spicific charge against him? It was to deny his involvement in banning Drag Queens from pride parades. His only “learning moment” was to “learn” that someone thinks he tried to get drag removed from Pride – not that his whole premise was messed up.

    Also, anyone read his bio? Talk about fetishization of ethnicity – creepy

  35. He really is. He wants to use his “born female” status as a “get out of misogyny” free card. Hey, here’s a clue, Brynn, even women can be misogynists so that doesn’t help you in the slightest. And using it to lecture trans women on being women when you’re not one? Mansplaining at its finest. I guess he really wants to show he is just like cis guys.

  36. 36 GallingGalla

    i just left brynn a “don’t let the door hit you on the ass” message on his article. He is full of woman-hating shit. (to think that he was once a regular at Shakesville!!)

  37. The mansplaining condescending bullshit is the worst. Fuuuck that shit.

  38. Surprise! Yeah, this kind of awfulness is alive and well.

  39. I’m afraid to read his bio now. There’s just a ridiculous level of fail and awfulness to that man that defies description. What the fuck was Bil and his people thinking?

  40. I guess on paper, if you didn’t look at what he was actually saying, it sounds like a coup-big muckamuck founder of major GL rights organization, and 90 years old. I mean I’d be excited too, if I didn’t know anything else. sadly none of this means you can’t also be a giant dick, and there’s no excuse for running that piece, famous old veteran or not.

  41. no, really, even in the bio? ergh -goes over to look-

  42. Yeah, I was wondering where the hell he was going with the “rather talk about climate change” business; till I got halfway through the article, I couldn’t even tell where he was coming from. It still seemed a bit off.

  43. -having looked- um, yeah, wow.

    “”Has had four significant mated relationships beginning in the l950’s, with a Cuban, two Puerto Ricans (the second of whom died of AIDS after a 15 year relationship) and a Bangladeshi.”

    He makes it sound like a collection of pets, somehow…

  44. That’s… fucked up. POC aren’t bedpost notches. Fuck, no one should be bedpost notches.

  45. Especially when you’re talking about longterm sorry “mated” relationships, you might think? Ih, I don’t even know.

    You do see this kind of thing a fair amount with big/longtime muckamuck political activists, I’ve found; if not in this form, then something else. There’s a wee want there. Not everyone, I’m sure, but…the calculating, everything has a cost-benefit analysis, eyes on the prize (whatever that prize may be), people are pawns…

  46. …then again I may be projecting a bit, having just interviewed my 91 year old grandfather for a school report. I do think it would’ve been nice to have -someone- from that generation on a major blog, bigname creds or not. Alas. Honestly I think even my grandfather would probably be less offensive, and he knows fuck-all about trans people, I’m pretty sure.

  47. Every hero has horrible flaws. It just takes time to find them.

  48. Well, I feel better knowing it wasn’t/isn’t just second-wave radical feminists spouting the arrogant cisgoofiness! :P

  49. I don’t… because it means the overall group of people spouting this awfulness is bigger >.<

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