Some Words On “Making Peace”


Edited for clarifying links to the AMO communication style post.

Making peace is great. No one wants to be at war constantly. The battles are tiring, there’s always casualties, and often you’re stuck doing things that you may not be pleased with to win.

And then there’s the people who confuse “making peace” with “stop being pissed off at me (or them) while I (or they) continue to step on your neck, all because I (or they) were somewhat apologetic.” (if you don’t want to give business to Failerico by clicking on that link, and I can’t blame you, my comment is below.)

Yes, I know, another Failerico update. But you see, this goes beyond Failerico. This is a consistent trope among Appeaser type activists (Appeaser archetype of communication in activism, see the Activist Modus Operandi Post on communication styles for information on Appeasers, Nukers, Logic Bombers and Emoters) who’ve lost sight of what their aims are and among privileged folk who find the heat of marginalized rage a bit too hot to handle. This is the minimizing. This is the qualifying. This is the excuse making. No one’s immune to it. Everyone’s done it at least once. Even Nukers have, when they fuck up on a different axis. Everyone I know on twitter (and I mean everyone, even you.), in the blogosphere (yes, everyone, even you), IRL, hell, even I myself have fucked up like this several times. Everyone has had a situation where they (or someone or something else they care about, Rebecca is speaking more for Bil and Failerico here than herself) has fucked up and they seek to downplay the fuck up so that it’s easier for everyone to be happy and get along again. These cases are less of a “must protect my bigotry so I can fuck people over” and more a complete fucking brain dump where you completely forget what the hell you’re supposed to be doing here.

This is the Appeaser Archetype’s nightmare, when everyone is pissed at each other, rage is flying, the Nukers are on automatic and it looks like something important to the Appeaser will get shrapnel killed. And (not to pick on appeasers, like I said, everyone’s done it at least once, but Appeasers are infamous for it) that’s where the forgetting comes in. People will forget (and it’s easy to do this) that our job is not to make peace. Our job as activists is to make sure that this shit gets solved. That privilege is not allowed to rampantly obfuscate the (or our) experiences of (or as) marginalized people. That bigotry, -ism bullshit, and fuckery is not allowed to propagate against us or other marginalized folk. That attitudes and views that dehumanize are not tolerated, not unanswered and not given validity. That is our job.

That is what human rights activists do. That is what marginalization activists do. We fix these social problems. We do not make everyone love each other and hug a lot. One can make everyone love each other and hug a lot to solve those problems, but in the end, it is our job to fight those problems as activists. As soon as you start elevating making everyone best friends over solving these problems and fighting these problems, you’ve stopped doing your job. You’ve stopped being an activist and started being a peacemaker. This doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work for a lot of reasons. Let’s use Failerico as an example. Bil and the editorial staff allowed a blatantly transphobic, horrifyingly illogical and irrational bit of nastiness through their fine editorial fingers, and onto the front page of a well known GLBT opinion site. Rebecca mentioned that it’s basically the Huffington Post of GLBT and that’s a fairly good analogy. It’s a big site, well known and has a huge impact on the entire community, especially trans folk. It has a history of serious transphobia problems and other issues, like victim blaming in the Polanski case. Failerico (Bilerico if you’re not saavy) is not called Failerico by us for no reason. It has been a plethora of fail, especially on trans issues.

Bil’s first response to the trans community’s rage was to downplay it as fine and put up disclaimers. Our rage merely heightened. So his next response was a bunch of excuses and a fauxpology, after taking the post down. Pretty clear that he’s covering his ass, doesn’t give a shit beyond the fact that he could be losing readers and largely doesn’t think he did much wrong besides get caught. At the very least, the fauxpology and his conduct strongly suggests these things to be true. Rebecca’s post is where peacemaking comes in. Like in the comment I wrote below, there is a lot of excuses made. Chocking up Bil’s mistake to “respect for Ron Gold’s age”, “compassion for him”, “underestimating the backlash and hurt it would cause” and a host of other little attempts to downplay what was going on. It would be understandable if she sought to explain and then fully shot down what he did as unacceptable. Explaining why someone fucked up is useful after all, it’s the best way to figure out how to address it and what will prevent more. Someone who is ignorant and does something cissexist is still in a big heap of trouble, as much as someone who malevolently did something cissexist. That person still fucked up intensely. But ignorance means education will solve it, whereas malevolence means the person needs to be kicked to the curb. If she wanted to explain why Bil fucked up, then she should have avoided downplaying the actions themselves. The actions were unacceptable. He deserves no leeway, no one does for what he did. But the difference between Bil and Ron Gold (if Rebecca is correct) is that Bil only has to be educated whereas Ron is a lost cause that needs to be dumped. If she had taken that approach, then the post would have been fine.

But she didn’t.

She tried to make peace. Instead of holding Bil accountable, instead of saying, “hey, we have these serious problems here and its time to fix them and this is what’s gonna happen to fix them” she tried to make peace. She tried to get us to come back, to all be friends again. And she centered that over accountability, over fixing the problems, over even stating what the problems are. In fact, she pretty much didn’t do any of those things. Just tried to make peace.

This is merely further evidence that Failerico is not Bilerico but Failerico still. This is a problem everywhere, and a major component of what makes it so easy to marginalize. If they want my trust, they need to avoid this pitfall and fix the issues. That’s just the way it is.

The comment I left on Rebecca’s post:

I feel that you are giving Bil too much credit. His experience, the trans people he could go to get advice on this before putting it up, the level of knowledge he should have as the person running a major LGBT site… no, this is inexcusable.

Too much compassion? Hardly. Compassion isn’t selective. Stabbing the trans community through the heart is not something you do out of compassion. What Bil did as an editor was just as indefensible as what Ron wrote.

Beyond that? No, I don’t think Bilerico should be written off for one post. If it was just one post, I’d agree with that. But it isn’t just one post and it isn’t just transphobia either. I’m still reeling from Brynn’s rape apologism for Polanski more than 3 months later.

This site has a plethora of problems that need to be solved. This was merely a spike, an obvious explosion of issue among a subtle aura of problems with transphobia, victim blaming, ableism and probably a good chunk of other issues that I can’t see due to my own privilege axes. For instance, I don’t know how much racefail has been here, but good god would I not be surprised if there was a lot.

But even that doesn’t make me feel this site should be written off. I don’t think the multitude of transphobic crap that feminism is poisoned with makes it unsalvageable either. What it does make me think is that you folks are going to need a lot more than apologetic words and taking down one post to fix things. Especially when those apologetic words are tainted by excuses made. It is learning time, big time. Bilerico has a lot of work ahead of it, a lot of consulting with trans folk that it has previously ignored, a lot of looking back through the archives of posts for where serious mistakes have been made and revising guidelines and standards for what is allowed here. There’s no single easy solution, because there’s no single problem. It’s a multitude of little things that makes this site lose the trust of those it tries to speak to.

This site, like much of GLBT, operates closer to GL….b….(t?) much of the time. Fix this if any of you want the trust of the community. Ron Gold did nothing more than show how far down Bilerico has gone.

And no more of this excuses bs and “well they mean well” or “respecting one’s elders” or “I’m trying to challenge you” or “he was just compassionate to an older man”. None of that. Call this what it is. Ignorance, privilege and bigotry. Bil has it. Much of Bilerico has it. Having trans contributors, like yourself, doesn’t change this. What this site needs to do right now, without excuses, qualifiers, ass covering, public relations image protecting, is admit that it has a problem. That the editorial staff has a problem. That Bil has a problem. That some of the contributors have a problem. And that this problem is ignorance, bigotry and not checking privilege. First step to fixing an issue is admitting it’s there. Time for them to work on that.

I appreciate you trying to make peace. But one cannot make peace in such a way that will allow one to continue to be walked on without discretion, without remorse, only a light apology as our bones are crushed by steel toed boots.

37 Responses to “Some Words On “Making Peace””

  1. Ron Gold wasn’t an incident, Ron Gold is a phenomenon. Those cisfail outbursts happen regularly and cruelly. And while I can understand trying to smooth things over quickly, to get the most out of the time between attacks, that is sometimes how people respond to abuse. Trans women are being abused as a community by man cis gays and lesbians, and until we acknowledge how deep and systemic that is, we’re not moving forward. So while some people might not like others to talk about it, I think we have to. It is a human rights issue. I am glad you’re writing about it.

  2. 2 GallingGalla

    indeed, Failerico has a long, long history of transphobia. It was at least a year ago that Bil Browning waded onto Questioning Transphobia to demand that we educate him and his fellow cis gay men.

    what fun that was! “If we can give them the answers to their questions without forcing them read to read college class level books, so much the better….” was his response to a lot of people who were saying “just fucking google it” in response to the twenty-six-thousandth time he or a projector demanded us to explain/justify using the word “cis”.

    I am not very happy with Ms. Juro and her appeasement “can’t we just be one big happy family” language right now. Unfortunately, it seems that neither your comment nor mine have been approved yet…

  3. I’m just trying to figure out why your comment wasn’t approved (assuming it was seen). I think you’re bang on in this. I admit if I have a “type” it’s more like the Appeaser, but I do have my limits. Even if I try to keep my specific circumstances out of it, I have to agree with ginasf (of all people!) that I have no desire to sit in a circle and sing the (appropriated) song “Kumbaya”. Speaking of comments, I just had to boggle at Angela Brightfeather’s “It was fate!” comment which implied that the regular cisfail & transphobia at Failerico made it the best place for cis gays to become educated on trans issues (which relies on us sending our energy there to correct their mistakes). And Failerico’s co-founder Jerame Davis continuing justification of their actions with his “You don’t know what we did!” and “We didn’t know he was transphobic!” responses to ginasf really take away from the supposed apologising.

    (Also, does anyone know what Monica Helms is on about with the “terrorist cell” attacking Brynn?)

  4. It seems as though both are now approved. But yeah, Bil’s a fucking old hand at weasel words, ass covering and being a transphobic piece of shit. I was a lot more polite at Failerico about it, but he’s fucking useless when it comes to trans folk.

  5. Yeah, seriously I’m tempted to write a scathing comment to Jerame if I thought it would get through the mods.

    Probably a load of projectors who went after her and Brynn on several posts. I didn’t really ask because I’m not certain whether or not Monica still has bad blood towards me for calling out her Appeaserfail sellout bullshit when Renee went all cissexist silencing on me, Voz and a bunch of other folk. So I’d rather not have more drama coming out of this already shit situation.

  6. I can’t let it go. This kind of thing is beyond the pale. It’s time to start standing up.

  7. ESPECIALLY NOW that the asshole pulled a tone argument with me. Way to ally fail Jerame. You are not helping your fucking case for Bil by sucking at being an ally too.

  8. I think it work noting that with few exceptions (belledame of note) the comments calling out the post/fail/and resulting “unity drive” have been trans (mostly women). Where were the cis folks to act as allys? If tbp is the most inclusive and most friendly blog of its type, where were the GLB folks to carry the water, to counter the “we need this discussion to happen”, and to just add support and add that we have every right to be angry?

    I don’t want trans women writing post after post after post explaining why we belong in the GLBT. I want cisgays to tell me why I should support their colonization of trans lives for historical and statistical validity. I want cisgays to justify why the trans movement willingly stalled long enough for them to play catchup politically and socially.

    I’m tired of every time this shit gets pulled trans women have to defend our clothing choices. We are expected to convince some of the most gender-conforming (“just like you” homos) people that we aren’t simply uncomfortable being boys who like skirts. I think the cisgays need to be defending their history of confusing assimilation with radical political theory.

    In short, rather than another call to do more educating, the cisgays need to do some convincing.

  9. This. I couldn’t have put it better.

  10. I posted something about the same as this on tbp in reply to Rebecca’s post on how to move forward. I’m seriously drowsy over how much cis ppl need to be educated about the same stuff. I only need to touch a hot burner once to figure out mom was right.

  11. That’s a good analogy. XD

  12. Mercedes Allen, one of Bilerico’s trans contributors, quit. Her diary about quitting is up on the Pam’s House Blend .

    Her basic take is given the editorial decsion making going on at TBP, that kind of post by Gold could happen again.

    Pretty sad.

  13. I’m inclined to agree with her.

  14. Thanks, Autumn. I can’t disagree with Mercedes.

  15. Me too. And sadly, from discussions with editors at TBP behind the scenes, I think TBP editorial staff would rather have the blog go down in flames than admit to their mistakes and eat crow.

    God knows I’m still eating crow from my very public mistakes regarding cis- terminology. It’s a hard row to hoe, but sometimes sincerely admiting you’re wrong, sincerely apologizing for your mistake, and sincerely saying you’re going to try very hard not to repeat your mistake is just what you should do as a human being.

    The Bilerico editorial staff just isn’t there yet, and I’m not at all sure they ever are going to get there. Again, I think TBP’s editorial staff would rather have the blog go down in flames than admit to their mistakes and eat that crow.

  16. Well they’ll get their wish if they keep on pulling this. What a cost just so they can protect their pride. Ugh.

  17. 17 Sas

    It makes my blood boil that on just about every post there about this subject, there’s at least two or three transphobes talking about how the GL community should drop or directly antagonize trans people out of vengeance. Yet, where’s the oh-so-concerned-ally-wannabe staff answering these comments? They didn’t denounce Ron Gold until they couldn’t avoid it anymore, and now they’re not denouncing the roaches he lured out.

    I’ll take their claims of wanting to be allies seriously when they step up against this kind of crap without needing to be led by the hand by trans folks. That would do a lot more to make peace with me than anything else.

  18. Their actions speak far louder than their words.

  19. I’m working with the Ed team at Bilerico in an attempt to get these issues resolved. It’s not much, but I’d rather try to fix the issue at its core than leave a huge blogsite with broken editorial policies out there to spew trans invective.

    I gave the team a piece of my mind, but I do my best to maintain a business-professional air when dealing with these subjects. The decision to post the article was not unanimous, from what I understand, and that means there’s an opportunity for fixing things. Sometimes, getting angry doesn’t get as much done as getting down to the brass tacks.

    Least, that’s what I’ve experienced…

  20. Well, that’s all well and good for someone with the connections to actually get to the editorial team.

    I lack such connections so I’m forced to exert pressure from the outside (through less anger and more snarky shots and exposure), which doesn’t allow for quite the same methodology. I appreciate your efforts and I honestly hope that you do succeed. Here’s hoping the pressure is hot enough out here, despite all the peacemakers, that they’ll be receptive to making the necessary changes and listening to the folks who were opposed to this on the ed team.

    Because like Autumn said earlier, eating crow is asininely hard to do (something I myself am acutely aware of). But it’s a necessity when those who need to open wide and chew are a group that has as huge an impact as Bilerico’s ed staff. They aren’t gonna recover from this if they don’t and that’ll do harm to everything on the site.

  21. Thank you. To be honest I did have the inside hook: I meet with Bil for coffee on occasion, since we live in the same city, and the first thing I did when I read the article was ring his cellphone to get the inside scoop. I guess my response to the situation was more of a “well, nobody else has this kinda in, so I’m kinda it as far as pushing for change.”

    I really hope this situation will make some positive changes for Bilerico. Something tells me there will be some changes as a result of this blow-up, gauging from what I know of the situation. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure it happens, you can rest assured of that.

  22. I have just learned of Genderbitch’s archnemesis: Guarded apologetics.


    I have nothing more to say than I did on the last Failerco post. I guess am too far in the middle of the spectrum.

    -Licorice Lain.

  23. Well then I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll succeed.

  24. 24 Kathygnome

    Just random thank yous for all the posting you’ve done on the subject. The original Gold post was disgusting, but not exactly shocking. It was the false apology that really really me over into outrage. If they’re going to publish rubbish like that, own it. I don’t mind being attacked nearly as much as I mind my intelligence being insulted. Anyway thanks for speaking out.


  25. First, I was not speaking for the site, I was speaking for myself. No one asked me to write the post, I did it of my own volition and based on my own take of the situation. I am not an editor anymore and I have no official leadership role at the site.

    That said, I did feel compelled to speak out on the issue as currently the only trans contributor to Bilerico who also has editorial team experience. I did not make excuses for Bil or try to dampen the impact or harm of what he did. He was wrong, I said he was wrong, and that I was stunned that he didn’t know better. I did not let him off the hook, nor do I feel he should be let off the hook for this. He fucked up, he deserved to be called out on it, and I, like many, did not hesitate to do so.

    As I said in the piece, I believe that the post should never have run without revision because it was in direct violation of the TBP TOS. That’s a conclusion I drew based not only on my experience as an editor, but also as a contributor who has had stuff kicked back for rewrites by the edteam now and then for exactly that reason. That’s what I think should have happened in this case, and that’s what I said in the piece.

    What I am not willing to do is ascribe motives to Bil that have no basis in fact or rationality. We’d discussed Gold’s post on the phone earlier that day as a mentioned in the piece. Based on that conversation, I formulated my belief that Bil had given Gold far too much leeway out of respect for his age. I didn’t make it up, I have what I believe is good reason to conclude that that was the case. That doesn’t, however, excuse what he did, it just makes me less angry and more inclined to do some education.

    And as far as being an appeaser goes, what I was trying to do was keep the community we’ve worked so hard to build together. The more transfolks we have participating, the better, faster, and more effective positive change at the site will be. I fully admit I don’t want transfolks to leave Bilerico, I want them to stay and lend their help and insight to improving the site and making sure we don’t see a repeat of this kind of thing again. You want to condemn me for that, go ahead, but I believe it’s better to stay and fight than turn tail and run.

  26. You misunderstand. You were speaking in defense of the site, not as its spokesperson. That is what I meant.

    You did in fact make excuses. You did in fact downplay. You gave all these reasons why he did what he did when the reasons themselves are completely irrelevant. You said that he did it out of too much compassion. That is downplaying. You said that he did it out of too much respect for his elders. That is excuses. It poisoned the content of your piece, having those parts in it. When you are discussing accountability, leave the explanations out. It’s a lesson all of us learn, that even if you don’t mean it to sound like excuses or downplaying, when you intersperse the reasons for something into a post discussing a fuck up (especially without mentioning that hey, these reasons have no bearing on this fuck up’s intensity and whether action needs to be taken) you create the impression of downplaying.

    And that impression is all that’s needed to encourage problem folk to keep on pushing things. Cuz they know someone will come to their rescue when people get pissed, instead of holding them accountable for what they did. It may make you less angry, it does not make anyone else less angry. And that’s the point, you never said, “hey, look, he did it for pretty silly reasons, ignorance and too much leeway for respect for age. Bil needs to educate himself to get around this problem. Right now, no exceptions, he needs to fix this”. You just spouted the reasons and then wanted everyone to come back. This is why you’re called out for downplaying. Also, since when is it our job to educate everyone and their mother? Is Bil unable to use google? Read trans resources? Go to other blogs? He’s already pulled that “EDUCATE ME OR I’LL BE USELESS” privileged bullshit at QT. There is a pattern of enabling here, and you are now complicit in it.

    As for referring to you as an Appeaser, that’s AMO terminology for a specific activist communication type. It was my bad not to link the post I discussed it in. Appeasers are not bad, not anymore bad than Nuker types (types like myself and say, Voz), each has their own specific capabilities and downfalls. It isn’t the same as a general appeaser (e.g. the UK and France during WWII), Appeaser types are the ones that work within the system to fix it, work to educate others directly, take gentle approaches and use peacekeeping to achieve activist aims. Nukers are the opposite, they are the rage mongers, the hardcore battle axes that go for the throat and force accountability with pressure. (There are two other types if you read the post that operate concurrently to these types). All the AMO communication types are needed. Including Appeasers. So you are not bad for being an Appeaser type.

    Where you went wrong is where you lost site of what activists do. You stopped being an Appeaser type activist and became a peacemaker. You wanted everyone to buddy up and stop being pissed at each other and you failed to realize that this outside Nuker fueled pressure is the only thing that’s going to give Austen Crowder and other insider Appeaser type activists (including yourself) the capital and leverage needed to force change in Bilerico so it can stop being Failerico.

    You’ll notice specifically (if you read the comments on this very post) that I actually agree that Failerico should be saved, salvaged and transformed back into a workable Bilerico. I wished Austen luck, pointed out that I’ll keep the pressure hot while the rest of you try to use that pressure to force adjustment, change and reform. Unlike you, who just wanted everyone to hug and make up (and somehow think that trans folk participating will alone magically solve this problem, which is ridiculous and indicative of a weak grasp on reality), Austen will work to force changes in the editorial staff’s policies and methods, force education and create reform, with the aid of our oh so unfortunate (to you at least) anger on the outside lending pressure and leverage.

    You’re the one asking me to turn tail and run. Not the other way around.

  27. Rebecca,

    I don’t want to pull a tone argument but I do not like the false and distorted binary of “stay and fight” versus “turn tail and run”. You were fine up until you chose to characterise the situation this way. The idea that somehow those people who leave because they have been triggered/hurt by Gold’s piece are cowards while those who expend who stay to endure possibly more triggering and hurt on a site that has made continued problems with trans issues are somehow more noble, more praiseworthy stinks. People are not cowards for protecting themselves, for needing to not be exposed to hate at a place that is supposed to be include trans people. Trans people do not need to fight bigotry to be considered praiseworthy. In this world, depending on their circumstances, they may deserve praise merely for surviving, for being themselves. While I hope you were intending this to only refer to yourself, it doesn’t read that way.

  28. Ah, that is what you mean by appeaser. I, too, thought you were implying that appeasers were people who care less about equality and getting things done. This is more or less the main reason why I did not give an actual answer before now, as I am anything but a “Nuker” on this debate.

    I do believe that there needs to be an approximately amount of exceedingly passionate activists and less confrontational, more mediating activists in order to keep the engine functioning the way it should(too many hotheads would result in violent response and too many medians would result in matters never being resolved).

    I am not sure that I agree with the assertion that Bil is pulling the privileged card, but, given how badly the situation has deteriorated, a drastic change in tact, or complete and utter acquisition due its nonexistence, does seem to be undeniably necessary. At this point, if Bil wants to make amends, the following must happen:

    1-This(Gold’s) must be the last post of its kind and there needs to be a notice of some sort saying so and apparent enforcement.

    2-No more apology posts. The more enthusiastic of the transsexual community do not want to hear apologies, they want actual change. If there are no more posts like the aforementioned posted from here on out, there won’t be anything to apologize for. (Damage prevention should come before future actions, not after it)

    3-Utilize alternative source material and create posts that amalgamate much vaster amounts of knowledge and emotion rather than simply the opinions of one or two people. This is alleged a community and for members of the community to go unrepresented negates the whole concept altogether.

    4-As a side note to the third resolution, keep the people who are most likely to react in mind when creating a post so as not to unwittingly ignite a flame war which should not even exist in the first place.


  29. When I use the word Appeaser, with a capital A (much like Nuker, Logic Bomber and Emoter) I am referring back to my AMO post regarding communication types.

    Next time I’ll link it.

  30. 30 anoldfriend

    Well Guys and Gals;
    The handwriting is on the wall.

    The Homosexuals don’t want to be affiliated with Tee-Gees. That is fine by me, I don’t post at ether PHB because of their selective moderation and insistence on banning anybody who disagrees with the party line.

    I won’t comment on Bilerico ether because of disgusting articles like the one Gold posted and their belief that homosexual men can speak for TS/TG or even former TS women.

    The handwriting is on the wall sports fans, ENDA will pass this next year and it will do so without any gender identity provisions. The Ron Gold article is a prelude to being thrown under the buss.

    This is what happens when you don’t strike out on your own as a group and work for your own cause.
    All the GL ever wanted you for was numbers and support, you are going to get NOTHING in return.

    Get use to it.

    19 years down the drain, I am glad I never depended on the GLBT for anything least of all my acceptance in the mainstream.

  31. Heh, you clearly don’t know me well enough. Did you read my comments at Pam’s on this? They certainly didn’t fit the profile of what you call an Appeaser. For another angle, go check out some of my old HRC articles or my old radio shows. When I’m properly motivated I can and do turn on the afterburners. There’s a reason why people like Joe Solmonese and Barney Frank don’t post with us anymore, and it as a lot to do with what people like me have posted about them.

    I’d suggest you do a little more research before you label me based on one post. If you had, you’d know I’m a little tougher to define than that.

  32. It’s… sad that you only find one part of a post to latch onto and not even the important part, yanno the part where your complete lack of forethought on not forcing accountability is screwing the pooch. But alright, I’ll play this game for a little bit.

    Most AMO types are a blend. I’m a mixture of Nuker, Logic Bomber, occasional Appeaser. It’s easy to switch between Nuker and Appeaser. You being a Nuker/Appeaser Switch doesn’t change the role you were operating in (or operating in and failing to on Bilerico in the post I criticized) Peacemaking is common among Appeasers, but I did point out that Nukers and the other archetypes do it too.

    And obviously, communication archetypes are not perfect, there is blending, rapid switching and intensities of communication types that go into greater nuances of this.

    Now that we’ve discussed your “labeling”, are you ready to stop enabling Bil, the ed staff and other problematic elements at Bilerico? Or is there any other satellite concerns in my post you want to derail… er… I mean discuss about?

  33. I am used to it. Right now I’m figuring out what to do about it.

  34. Here is an important thing to know about RP: she does not back down …ever ….ever ……ever ………ever

    If she believes you fucked, she believes you fucking fucked up.

  35. *snerk*

    I back down when people actually do something about it instead of tossing around empty words.

  36. Ah, them pesky empty words. How they plague us all, every day and every night.

  37. 37 GallingGalla

    Wow, Rebecca … if not wanting to get stomped and trampled again after having been stomped and trampled SEVERAL TIMES on Bilerico means that I am craven, then craven I am, I guess.

    Your definition of “community” is rather interesting, i would say.

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