Mini Intermission: Just call me Kinsey


So I finally decided on a pen-name for writing books and for this blog. Instead of using the confusing and really not very name like Recursive Paradox, I’m going with Kinsey Hope. Because Kinsey is one of the most awesome names I’ve ever heard for a girl (almost regretting not choosing it as my own name) and Hope is a good last name for someone fighting to fix the world so we all have something to hope for.

I’ll be signing edits with ~KH from now on and y’all can refer to me as Kinsey or KH if the word genderbitch is not a viable name for you to call me.

And hopefully you’ll see some published works with the name Kinsey Hope in the author spot. Fingers crossed, right?

Back to your regularly scheduled programming!

5 Responses to “Mini Intermission: Just call me Kinsey”

  1. I take this moment to clarify on the internet that I will one day start a band called the Kinsey Six and it will have five members.

  2. That’s at least 20 different kinds of awesome. XD

  3. Though as misandristically lesbian as I am, maybe it should be the other way ’round…

    Anyway, rock on Kinsey. Rock on.

  4. I love your post.

  5. Plus, Alfred Kinsey being the father of sexology is fitting for someone who wants to write about transgenderism, etc.

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