Announcement – Comment Threading is Disabled Now.


Hey all, this is Kinsey (obviously).

The comment threading on my blog has been giving me a lot of headaches lately. I normally like having it possible for people commenting┬áto respond to each other in a way that’s better than writing a @whoever in their post, or linking to the comment they’re responding to. But in the end, long debates do happen (especially since I am very likely to fisk bad comments) and eventually the threading is taken to its limits for the format of my blog (causing the comments to become so truncated that they don’t even look like a paragraph anymore but vertical text).

It’s inaccessible, really difficult to read and really personally irritating to me. It might be a little hard, looking through past comments, to know who’s responding to who in some cases, but I really feel like disabling the threading is the best option overall.

If you’ve got any input, let me know.

2 Responses to “Announcement – Comment Threading is Disabled Now.”

  1. 1 Jemima Aslana

    Probably a good idea. I haven’t had all that many long-ish debates on my blog so I haven’t run into the problem myself, but it’s a good point and this is probably the best solution short of using LJ/Dreamwidth style blogs where discussion thread are just… threaded and open their own pages eventually.

  2. Yeah, wordpress limits it at 10 comments and doesn’t hide the comments in a separate thread. So they get super squished.

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