Mini Intermission: Poetry, Because I’m Sappy.


One Day

A boy met a girl.
She seemed very familiar,
not to the point of being
strange or creepy.
She did like to stare at him,
Which he found a bit odd.
But it wasn’t a serious problem.

The boy spoke to the girl.
“You’ve been watching me for a while now.”
She smiled and nodded,
“of course. For a very long time.”
He shrugged, pondered and moved on.

The boy enjoyed the company of the girl.
“I feel like I’ve known you my whole life.”
She grinned and laughed,
“what a terrible pick up line.”
He laughed at the purposefully misread intention.

The boy grew to be friends with the girl.
“I always wondered why you sought me out”
She thought and smiled,
“I’m just curious.”
He looked quizzical but moved on.

The boy grew close to the girl.
“So what is it that you’re curious about?”
She laughed and laughed,
“About when you’ll figure it all out.”
He looked confused but had to go.

The boy was intrigued by the girl.
“Will you tell me what I’m figuring out?”
She shook her head and giggled,
“That would ruin the surprise.”
The boy decided he would go sleep on it.

The next day he realized what it was.
He had been talking to the mirror all along.

One day.
A girl met herself.

And now she is free.

8 Responses to “Mini Intermission: Poetry, Because I’m Sappy.”

  1. I love it when I read a poem whose turn I can’t predict. Holy grail when I identify with it, too. Thank you for publishing this, gb.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful. <3

  3. That is eerily similar to a story I wrote for Best Lesbian Erotica 2010. Except, in my story it wasn’t about coming out but about surgical status, and that, um, they had sex.

  4. 5 Sunset

    I rather like the poem. Nice job.

    In other news, hi. Blame RMJ from over at Deeply Problematic for referring me over here.

  5. 6 DC

    Aw, that’s sweet. I very much like that.

  6. 7 Sam

    This is lovely :)

  7. 8 Vanessa Emma Goldman

    very nice poem! i had no idea how it would end, and when i did get to the end it was like…yes, i can really identify with that! although i am not as free to be the girl/woman i want and need to be yet, at least i have taken a few steps out of the closet.
    thanks for sharing this poem.

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