[Product Review] ScreamingO’s FingO Vibrator for TheirToys.com


Hi folks, welcome to the first ever product review on GB. I even made a separate category!

Recently I was asked to review a product from TheirToys.com Sex Toys. After all I do write about sex a lot so I am probably fairly well suited to do this sort of review. After some discussion with their representative I decided to review the Screaming O FingO from (obviously) Screaming O. Specifically the wavy textured one. The product was sent to me for free as thanks for doing the review (and for the publicity that reviews give no matter how they go, of course).

First impressions were favorable. It was compact, light and the squishy waterproof coating covered everything but the back part with the button. Built for easy hiding and quick washing, perfect for a shared home or apartment where you don’t want your flatmates knowing your sexual nature. Or at least you don’t want them having any visible evidence.

The coating was excellent in and of itself. Soft and squishy but firm past a certain point, it gave me the illusion that my fingers were just going to sink into it (but they never did). I had a little bit of trouble with the finger loop at first, mostly because it really sticks to the skin when it is stretched by pressure, but once my finger was all the way in the FingO was a snug and comfortable fit. This was when it being so light really became a giant boon. It felt like little more than a small ring’s worth of weight. Which really helped prevent both finger and hand fatigue during usage (always a concern for masturbation and sex).

The vibration itself is triggered by a small button on the back of the vibe. Pressing it in a small bit will cause it to vibrate until you remove your finger (I can’t say if that’s a feature or if I’m just bad at buttons) and pressing it in deep will click it on until you press the button again all the way. It was a bit of a low key vibration, not very strong, which had both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of the low vibration level was how much it cut down on the noise the FingO made. Compared to other vibrators I’ve experienced, the audibility of the FingO is a lot lower. This makes it an effective shared apartment or house sort of toy, where waking people up to the noise of vibration is usually a bad thing. The primary disadvantage is that unless you have a ton of sensitivity, it takes a lot longer and is a lot more difficult to reach orgasm using the FingO. That being said, the wavy texture really made up for the low vibration in terms of sensations. The feeling of the wave protrusions really helped to accentuate the vibration, the coating they were made from having just the right amount of flex and give for their purpose. It was very pleasurable, especially on the nipples and areolas.

So, conclusions. FingO is a lowkey, subtle and easily hidden vibe, good for endurance and while the low vibration might be a bit tougher for low sensation people, the wavy texture of the coating more than makes up for that. I was pretty impressed. Definitely worth having as a supplementary vibe and if you’ve got good sensitivity it can easily be your primary “buzzer”.

2 Responses to “[Product Review] ScreamingO’s FingO Vibrator for TheirToys.com”

  1. 1 Katie

    Is the fingo designed for external or internal stimulation?

  2. @Katie: I’m not sure but it looks like it would function better for external. The finger loop can deform with a lot of pressure, which may disrupt your capacity to insert it effectively. It does have a coating that prevents liquid from affecting the electronics though, so they may have intended it for both. I did not test it for vaginal and I’m not a big fan of anal so my review really wouldn’t have that sort of info.

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