Hiatus due to health issues


This’ll be a short one folks. I completely forgot to let the WordPress reading crowd what happened. On January 3rd, Monday, I was admitted to a hospital with what ended up being acute appendicitis with a perforation. Since it was already spilling toxic shit into me, they opted to go straight to surgery and in my pain and sick haze I agreed. The appendix came out the night of and I remained in the hospital being pumped full of antibiotics and trying to heal for about 5~6 days. Long story short, I’m alive, I’m out of the post op ward but I’m still not in good shape and it’s gonna be a couple of weeks before I can even function enough to leave the house and buy groceries, much less get some good old social justice work done for y’all.

So, wish me healing love and luck as I take some time off to make my insides not be cut up anymore.

This post’s coherence brought you to by hydrocodone mixed with acetaminophen and several days resting.


15 Responses to “Hiatus due to health issues”

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you were helped in time and you’re going to recover. Lots of good thoughts and good healing energy your way. Take care, Kinsey.

  2. Healing love and luck, Kinsey. And as speedy recovery as possible!

  3. 3 Christine

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery sweetheart <3

  4. Love and swift healing to you, dear.

  5. Fuck, that is scary. I am so glad you are okay. Please take care of yourself. You will most definitely be in my thoughts.

  6. 6 Julian Morrison

    Alive is good, continue to do that.

  7. Holy fuck, that’s awful — but I’m so glad you’re recovering! Best of luck and I’m looking forward to your new posts!

  8. Look after yourself sweetie, I look forward to chatting again when you feel better.


    Take care ladypants!! Man we need to keep in touch more. I’m a horrible person for keeping track of my peeps.
    Kyosukette da yo! get well soon, hugs and kisses and my heaving bosom to make you feel better.
    <3 <3 <3

    As always if you need anything, ever and at all I'm here for you.

  10. Best luck on healing, and take care of yourself the best you can.

    Lots of e-hugs.

  11. Here’s to your recovery :-)

    carolyn Ann

  12. i love, love, love the last one!!!

  13. 13 Dusk

    Best wishes for a great recovery.

  14. 14 Wait

    Next time someone gets all invasive and asks if you’ve had…’the surgery’ you can go ‘yes…it was horrible, there was toxic bile everywhere in my system, they had to do an immediate operation. A few hours later, my appendix was gone’

  15. @Wait: lol, yes that’s perfect. XD

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