You Don’t Get To Tell Us Who Our Enemies Are


The internet has been shitstorming lately. It’s a familiar sort of shitstorm, the kind that arises over and over again in response to a far worse thing.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

If you’re not familiar with the feminism and the GL…b…. (t?) communities then you probably don’t know that, despite talking a great deal about privilege and the dangers that arise from trust for the privileged, mainstream feminism and cisGLB have this very bad habit of trying to tell women (woc and trans women and twoc) and trans people, bisexuals and poc (and any combination) respectively, who to trust.

Your two examples for the day.

The rapist, abusing, racist and misogynist dudebro known as Hugo Schwyzer who plays the what about the menz game in disturbing fashion and the racist, cissexist and bi-hating gay dudebro known as Dan Savage.

Hugo has been busy excusing his history as an abuser, a rapist and a creeper douchebro who preys on his own students, while attacking women (especially women of color, with his rampant racism) who criticize him. It gets worse though. You see, a lot of mainstream white feminist bloggers (like Amanda Marcotte, who I have no love lost for) and sites are throwing in with him (just google searching his name can find a bunch of feminists defending him) while going after mostly the woc who criticize him.

Then there’s Dan Savage who’s busy whining about being very validly glitter bombed. And of course, the gay cis men are all up in arms about how dare trans people see him as the enemy cuz apparently we have real enemies and unreal enemies or something.

Now that you have the background all I have to say is: fuck the hell off, you privileged shits.

Not just Dan UnSalvageable (Thanks to Raven for that awesome nickname) and Hugo Shithead, who are quite obviously the most privileged shits out of the bunch here. But also the mainstream middle class white cis abled feminist fuckheads who care more about book deals and reputation and their white guy buddies than women and the fuckhead cisGL whiners who think that just cuz you’re in the community means you can never be cissexist, bi hating or racist or misogynist.

This isn’t a new thing. It’s an ongoing trend. People like those two, privileged and trying to act as spokespeople for groups they aren’t even part of or attacking those groups and then freaking out when they get called on it? Not new. Very common. Along with the inevitable defense squad, oftentimes people you would think knew better but don’t. Or if they do they don’t give a shit.

It’s bullshit. It’s privileged, useless, self serving, hateful bullshit. We know who our enemies are. Our enemies are the people who try to rob us of our humanity, whether subtly or overtly. The enemies of oppressed people of any type are the ones who center themselves, who make careers on the backs of the oppressed and avoid criticism at all costs.

The enemies are the people who do harm (like rape, slurs, etc) and then hide it or try to excuse it and erase it. The enemies are the people who attack those they are privileged over, who use their privileges to hold onto their position of power over the discourse and the community. Not just the people who fire us. Not just the people who beat up oppressed people or overtly try to deny our humanity.

Enemies come in all shapes and sizes and styles. Infiltration has never been out of the question. It’s time for you and the enemies (as real as any other) you defend to sit down and shut the fuck up. And newsflash, all this fucking time you’re spending trying to tell various oppressed people who their “real” enemies are?

Is just proving you’re one of those fucking enemies.

15 Responses to “You Don’t Get To Tell Us Who Our Enemies Are”


    That Bil Browning post made me flamingly mad.

  2. Fuck yes. Thank you.

  3. I am curious as to which public figures you find are not offensive.

    Personally, I have reached a point where I feel certain allowances need to be made due to the corrosive nature of the overall society (none of us exist in a vacuum and we say and do fuckt things). I am not saying this on the behalf of either individuals in the content of this post, but as I have mentioned before I wonder about whether raging in certain contexts does any good.

  4. Nothing to add but a “hell yeah!” and the fact that it’s cool to see a new update here. :D I know you’re on tumblr, but I love your old-school blogging style too.

  5. @Austurias: I do make allowances. Just not for chronic offenders who try to dodge responsibility for their actions and center their reputation over the lives of the oppressed. Both Dan Savage and Hugo Schwyzer fit that bill.

  6. 6 Bracula

    You know, that reminds me of when people get angry/confused as to why I don’t come out (gender, sexuality, brain stuff) to a lot of people and say things like “But it’s such a great place here!” WTF, you do not get to tell me that I am obliged to pretend this is a safe place.

    Great post, thank you.

  7. I find the shit storm to be a very literal and short sighted one. Not because either Hugo or Dan will be of any use in the future but because it’s doubtful whether either of them have ever been of any real use.

    From where I’m sitting they are two very powerful white men who people have often made space for, exceptions for. It was understood that if space was made for them, somehow we would all be able to benefit from their social positioning and access.

    I thought it was bullshit when everyone was stumbling over themselves to make both of them welcome, offering them so much space, being so besotted by them to begin with. I still think that the sacred cow, “this one is considered an honorary nice one because they’re so well known and well positioned” bullshit is dangerous.

    It only leads to situations like what’s happened with Hugo where the power offered ends up being used in the most rotted, disgusting ways which results in the collective feigned expression of surprise. (shrug)

    Nothing about what Hugo has confessed to surprises me. What is telling is how much attention and mileage his story is getting.

    If he were not so powerful, privileged and well positioned, people would do what they do with those who are seen to behave badly and just silently turn away, ostracizing them.

    He isn’t being ostracized. :) If anything, people are paying even more attention to him now than they have before.


  8. @darkdaughta: Yeah Hugo is scum and Dan is scum too. They never should’ve been given the boosts they were and it’s revolting that even now people are trying to elevate them.

    Revolting but not surprising.

  9. I am so happy that I found this blog…

    You rage even better than Jezebel :)

  10. @Nova: Hilarious side note: Jezebel is one of those enemies. For cissexism and a host of other bigoted bullshit.

  11. hey kinsey.i’ve been following this too.,,,,
    great post.i’d still love to someday do a feminist website with some women who actually GET IT.
    oh well, hope you’re well.

    here is a link to an anti PETA rant and petition.
    wish youd blog on this too, you rock when you go to town on the machine….

    ps drop me a line if you ever feel like it.

  12. @Javier: Definitely. I’m glad to hear from you. :)

  13. former lurker, first-time poster, here.

    A-frickin-men. Thank you so much for saying this.

    It had always boggled my mind as to why both Hugo and Dan were given so much space by feminists… I’ve never been impressed by either of them, their blatant refusal to acknowledge their own privileges and prejudices. And now that it’s come to light exactly how crap they are, people are STILL defending them?

    The world is a preeeetty fucked up place.

  1. 1 Welcome to Monday ~ 6th Feburary 2012 | feminaust ~ for australian feminism

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