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Hi there folks. This isn’t a standard post and I’m still more or less on hiatus from blogging. But I do have a question for my readers. A while back I created a page. It’s got a pretty harsh name, harsher than its actual purpose (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about well […]

Hey all, this is Kinsey (obviously). The comment threading on my blog has been giving me a lot of headaches lately. I normally like having it possible for people commenting┬áto respond to each other in a way that’s better than writing a @whoever in their post, or linking to the comment they’re responding to. But […]

Allies. Supporters. Helpers. People who work with you in alliance, to aid your interests. No doubt they’re important. Alliance is what gives us the numbers we need to fight back against systemic oppression. We can’t go it alone, obviously, so we recruit people to the cause. Alliance is not just giving lip service. In fact […]

Alrighty folks. Everything has been xposted and set up. This will be my new home. Update your blog rolls.

This post was originally published August 10, 2009 here. I finally found my niche. Angry trans girl. After all, I am pretty fucking pissed off when I write in here. I’m not always pissed off though, it’s just that blogging reminds me of all the stupid awful shit people do to trans women, among ten […]



This post was originally published June 24, 2009 here. As I work on writing the blog post regarding identity labeling (and I assure you, I’m putting all my efforts into avoiding making this offensive or confrontational, because I know a lot of people get offended or feel attacked when discussing how identity labels are applied) […]


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