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This is an online publication and occasionally a blog. About transsexuality, transgender issues, the nasty of cis centric mainstream feminism, disability, neurodiversity, mental illness, misogyny, trans misogyny, cissexism, heterosexism, polamory hate, queer hate, binarism, ableism, kyriarchy, BDSM, having disabilities, sex, intersection, random GLBT stuff, meta activism, rape, rape culture, objectification, abuse, social engineering and etcetera. Genderbitch also will at times contain vague nerdy references, entertaining metaphors, deeply cutting satire, video game discussion, writing stuff and maybe even select pieces of fiction (but that’s unlikely as the writer could out herself with publishing). This happens to be a mildly angry site as well. 

You might see this as slightly antagonistic. Oh well. What is written here is inciteful for a reason. Because people need to be pushed into thinking, discussing and breaking out of the stagnant bullshit of privilege, the entrapment of the status quo and the apathy that leaves people to drown in the seas of marginalization. Which needs a nice firm kick quite a bit. Sometimes to the head. Of course, the writer occasionally needs a nice firm kick too as no one is immune to privilege. But luckily, you may not need to expend the energy as the writer is a lurker at times and lurkers are good at picking up information on their own. There will also be, on this site, articles and posts regarding personal theories, musings, personal updates that won’t out anyone and personal experiences as a trans woman, queer individual, polyamorous person, neo pagan individual, person with disabilities and geek girl that don’t necessarily have anything to do with oppression or privilege. One’s life need not be all activism and stress. One must have fun too. When personal musing and theories come up, they only apply to the writer(s), not to anyone else. Applying them to anyone else without them feeling that it applies themselves is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. They’ll usually have the same disclaimer at the top. The writer reserves the right to delete useless trolling (because as a retired troll, she’s a bit of a snob about technique), hate language and attempts to out her or anyone else here. Hate language covers any form of slurs, misgendering, direct attacks based on inherent characteristics and anything that construes a group of people as not deserving basic rights. Privilege denial, derailing and silliness will be put up with to a point, with the stipulation that you eventually check yourself and shape the fuck up. If there’s no sign you’re doing this, then your shit will be deleted. If you’re a chronic offender, you’ll get auto dropped into the mod queue (where comments get lost for weeks) to make sure you aren’t polluting the blog. If you’re a really fucking awful piece of work and a chronic offender, spam queue for you. Bye bye comments. A comment that is problematic won’t necessarily be deleted always. Sometimes the problematic parts will be edited out. Each edit will have a bracket set with the reason why it was edited and signed by the writer. No edit will go through without that bracket out. If you disagree with any decisions made here regarding your comments, tough shit. It’s a publication, not a democracy. However, if you’re willing to be reasonable, polite and civil about voicing your complaints, no matter how ridiculous or ignorant they could be, you may email the writer at kinsey [dot] hope [dot] gb [at] gmail [dot] com (this info is also on the front page). Don’t tweet her about it, because that’s annoying (140 char limits suck) and a waste of space on an already clogged feed. MSN messenger’ing her about it is probably not very helpful either. While the writer can and does take GB business on there, fielding a mess of complaints from people who didn’t like the fact that she doesn’t like hate speech on her blog is going to make her shut you down real quick, even if you have a valid complaint. It’ll take a while for it to be gotten to. The blog email isn’t the writer’s primary email. You will get a response whether your complaint is valid or not. Even if that response is “stop email trolling me, douchebag. Here, meet my junk mail box.” Welcome to GB. Take your shoes off, stay a while.

Use the fucking coasters.


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