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Kinsey Hope (KH for short) is a snazzy sarcasm machine, made of wit, rage, awesome and silliness. She’s also a mid 20’s aged pagan, queer, polyamorous, Irish-Italian American woman of the trans variety, who has some disabilities (mental and physical) and mental illness and is a bit financially screwed at the moment. Of course, Kinsey isn’t her real name. But unfortunately, revealing that you’re trans, poly, queer, mentally ill or disabled (as her disabilities, mental illness, transness, queerness and polyness aren’t abundantly visible) can very badly impact your life. So she keeps her blogging stuff separate from her IRL awesomeness for now (and trust us, she is awesome. So awesome in fact that she broke several different awesomeness measuring meters, which we are charging her inordinate amounts of money for). If you know who she is, she asks that you respect her privacy. Don’t be a complete ass and out her. Or armies of squirrels will find their way to your door and eviscerate you (as well as stealing all of the sunflower seeds from your bird feeders like the seed loving bastards they are. Bastards.)

She writes articles and blogs here (of course) and can be found in many interesting places like tumblr and twitter. She has written a few guest posts for Deeply Problematic and Questioning Transphobia and currently is a part time writer for the community trans blog The Spectrum Cafe. She’s an admin and one of the creators of Fuck Yeah Cute Trans Chicks on tumblr and she can also be reached by email at kinsey[dot]hope[dot]gb[at]gmail[dot]com. She will reach you when she has time between being homeless, searching for work, trying not to off herself due to soul shattering depression and writing crap. Kinsey finds terrible B movie thrillers and sci fi to be hilarious, is shamelessly in love with Doctor Who, remembers everything about pokemon, dislikes long walks on the beach (sand in the shoes) and is a fiery temperamental redhead who is unbelievably neurotic and occasionally very shy.

Just because you ask for a picture doesn’t mean you’ll get one. In fact it is highly unlikely you will get one as she is shy, modest and also not a goddamn fucking spectacle for anyone.

You can always contact her through email, twitter and tumblr and discuss many wonderful things like; who stole the cookies from the cookie jar (we don’t know so it must be God), where the wild things are (Kansas), whether transfats are lipids that don’t identify as their birth sex (this topic/joke stopped being funny after the 18th time, assholes), and where all of those socks that disappear in the dryer go (we seriously have no idea and we’re getting scared). And of course, criticism, suggestions, fanmail (despite being terrifying and strange) and discussions on kyriarchy are welcome too. Hate mail isn’t welcome but it will certainly be mocked. Publicly.

And seriously, stop sending her those fucking online cards. You know who you are.

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