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Why hello! Yes, this is another intermission post. I’m sure you were all wondering when one of those would come back. So if you haven’t been keeping up with me on the twitters or the tumblrs (GOLLY YES, I HAVE A TUMBLR NOW. FOR SHAME) right now my life is a maelstrom of fuckery with […]

Goodbye 2009


What a year. 2009 was a year of rapid change, battles fought, won and lost, abandonment, harsh lessons and pain, growth, empowerment and self love. One wouldn’t think so much could fit into one single year. “Life’s been busy” is an understatement.

We all know it’s truly radical for a trans person to not always talk about stuff to educate cis people. That’s the main reason why I have Intermission posts. Not only do they give me a chance to just go over what’s going on in my life or talk about personal stuff that’s less relevant […]

Oh look, yet another intermission post! So I was silly and I decided to engage civilly with a rad fem who was claiming all porn is rape..

This post was originally published Sept 20, 2009 here. Oh look an Intermission Post.



This post was originally published June 24, 2009 here. As I work on writing the blog post regarding identity labeling (and I assure you, I’m putting all my efforts into avoiding making this offensive or confrontational, because I know a lot of people get offended or feel attacked when discussing how identity labels are applied) […]


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