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I’m going to start this post with one statement to all of my sisters out there: You are beautiful. No exceptions. No dismissals. You. Are. Beautiful. What brought this on? Well besides the obvious (that more of us need to be built up instead of being torn down) I recently spotted a search term that […]

This post was originally published August 15, 2009 here. For those that remember the last post about people finding cisgendered offensive based on some of the most fallacious and stupid reasoning applicable, don’t forget, trans people are just as capable of fallacious silliness. When in comes to fallacious arguments and pseudoscience, no one does it […]

This post was originally published May 09, 2009 here. As a note: Dysphoria when it pertains to my body structure is something I now refer to as dissonance, as per the suggestions of several other trans activists who feel the word better describes the feeling of disconnect. This post has been edited slightly to remove […]