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“Happy Holidays”. People sure do love to say that phrase an awful lot. Or tell me to “cheer up, it’s Christmas!” or “don’t worry, it’s a happy season!” I may be too polite to say it in person but I’ll say it now. Fuck you and your cheer. No seriously. I’m not scrooging, I’m not […]

I don’t often write posts like this. Usually things have an activist slant. Or they’re more general. Or even when they deal with me personally, I’m writing it after I’ve already mostly figured it out and have some advice to offer. Normally I save stuff where I’ve got no clue and I’m reeling for dreamwidth […]

This has all been said before. But I might as well offer some repetition because people aren’t getting it. There’s been a whole lot of talk about marriage lately. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the flurry of activity on the part of the GLB…(t) community to get legal marriage extended to gay couples all over […]

This post was originally published July 07, 2009 here. I’m going to delay the identities post for a bit longer because the time I need to put into it simply isn’t forthcoming right now. My duties to this game’s development (and the fact that it’s basically a paid 40 hour week each week) are just […]



This post was originally published June 24, 2009 here. As I work on writing the blog post regarding identity labeling (and I assure you, I’m putting all my efforts into avoiding making this offensive or confrontational, because I know a lot of people get offended or feel attacked when discussing how identity labels are applied) […]



This post was originally published June 07, 2009 here. I will not pander to those who see me as a role or purpose in their lives. I am a person. If you can not accept my layers then you have no worth to me. If you act as though your comfort, your reputation is automatically […]

This post was originally published May 05, 2009 here. Some people on WiG requested the letter I sent be put up because some of them were wondering if my inclination to speak very scientifically about things had a poor impact on how he took the information. There’s a good chunk science speak in the center, […]

This post was originally published May 4, 2009 here. Update: While I feel entirely justified in venting about this when comparing my letter to this email, a few people on WiG did raise a worry in me that my dad could find this blog. While I doubt it would change his supportiveness (I am effectively […]


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