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Oh opinions, everyone has them. Just like anuses and poor life decisions. Aren’t they great? Lots of people want to share their opinions, ESPECIALLY when other people are talking about something deeply personal, painful and emotionally traumatizing! Well fear not, person who feels oh so important! I have a guide for you about that very […]

The internet has been shitstorming lately. It’s a familiar sort of shitstorm, the kind that arises over and over again in response to a far worse thing. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. If you’re not familiar with the feminism and the GL…b…. (t?) communities then you probably don’t know that, despite talking a great deal about […]

This’ll be a short one folks. I completely forgot to let the WordPress reading crowd what happened. On January 3rd, Monday, I was admitted to a hospital with what ended up being acute appendicitis with a perforation. Since it was already spilling toxic shit into me, they opted to go straight to surgery and in […]

It’s difficult to write this. Many of us push ourselves. Hard. The things we fight for are precious and denied us so easily, so effortlessly. The pain and suffering we face is awful. Oppression is no joke. It shatters lives. So we fight, battle, educate, speak out and work to fix society or even break […]

Crossposted to The Spectrum Cafe. Ever since I started transition, ever since I even started to explore my dissonance, people have walked all over me. People have hurt me, used me, fucked me over and said horrible things about me and the other women like me. When I started blogging, when I raised my voice […]

We don’t like seeing those we love hurt. It’s a completely natural response. We’re tied to these people, be they family, friends, partners, whatever. Our happiness and theirs are linked. Closely and tightly. When they hurt, we hurt for them. When they smile, we feel happy too. When they cry, we want to cry. When […]

One Day A boy met a girl. She seemed very familiar, not to the point of being strange or creepy. She did like to stare at him, Which he found a bit odd. But it wasn’t a serious problem.

We’ve all heard the spiel. Some have given it during more failtastic times. And even if you haven’t had it directed at you and haven’t said it, chances are you’ve witnessed it. The Nice Guy™ spiel. Most of us have known at least one. Some of us are one or were one. Many of us (women) […]

So I finally decided on a pen-name for writing books and for this blog. Instead of using the confusing and really not very name like Recursive Paradox, I’m going with Kinsey Hope. Because Kinsey is one of the most awesome names I’ve ever heard for a girl (almost regretting not choosing it as my own […]

Why hello! Yes, this is another intermission post. I’m sure you were all wondering when one of those would come back. So if you haven’t been keeping up with me on the twitters or the tumblrs (GOLLY YES, I HAVE A TUMBLR NOW. FOR SHAME) right now my life is a maelstrom of fuckery with […]


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